The Influence of Virtual Learning Environments in Students' Performance uri icon


  • This paper focuses mainly on the relation between the use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) and students’ performance. Therefore, virtual learning environments are characterised and a study is presented emphasising the frequency of access to a VLE and its relation with the students’ performance from a public higher education institution during the academic year of 2014-15. The main aim of this research work is to obtain indicators which may help understand relations between the use of VLEs and students’ performance. Finding the frequency of access to the VLE and assessing the consequences of such use represent challenges to which teachers and researchers try to respond in order to know students better and consequently, develop strategies which meet their interests and needs. This study is mainly quantitative with descriptive features, involving data obtained from literature research and from experimental research using a sample of approximately 6300 undergraduates. The data was extracted from the VLE and student registration system databases using learning analytics procedures. The results show that there are relatively positive indicators regarding students’ access to a virtual learning environment and the relation between such access and their performance.

publication date

  • March 1, 2017