Bioactive properties of Clitocybe alexandri Conference Paper uri icon


  • Some mushrooms are known to have strong antioxidant capacity [1]. There is an accepted relationship between the physiopathology of several chronic diseases and oxidative stress. Therefore, the use of foods such as those mushrooms with antioxidant capacity, as phytochemical protectors, may be relevant for the prevention of oxidative stress related diseases such as cancer. Additionally, mushrooms have been described as a source of potential antitumour molecules, making them attractive candidates for drug discovery [2,3]. However, there are no such studies on the Portuguese wild mushroom Clitocybe alexandri .
  • Some mushrooms may have antioxidant and tumour cell growth inhibitory activities. However, there is no data on Portuguese wild mushrooms. The aim of this work was lo study extracts obtained from the Portuguese wild mushroom Clitocybe alexandri, regard the in vitro antioxidant acclivity and the growth inhibitory activity in human tumour cell lines.

publication date

  • January 1, 2010