Ethosomes: an approach for bioactive plant extract preservation envisaging cosmetic applications Conference Paper uri icon


  • The present work is focused on upgrading the commercial potential of berry crop by-products by encapsulating them into liposomes to preserve their bioactivity. The extracts have been obtained with an ethanol-water mixture using ultrasound-assisted extraction, and the most promising ones were encapsulated in ethosome system. To achieve this goal, ethosomes were prepared using the cold method. Ethosomal suspensions were characterized concerning particle size distribution by laser dispersion, differential scanning calorimetry, infrared Fourier-transform spectroscopy, encapsulation efficiency, and morphological analysis using optical, scanning electron, and transmission electron microscopy. These results indicate that ethosomes are an appropriate method to encapsulate hydroethanolic bioactive plant bioresidue extracts and a good option to preserve them for further use in industrial applications, such as cosmetics. Future work will include optimizing the process and proof of concept by developing a cosmetic application.

publication date

  • January 1, 2023