How 5G Will Transform Smart Cities: A Literature Review Book Chapter Conference Paper uri icon


  • The expectation created around 5G is great. Major changes are fore seen, in very different areas, which will have a great impact on people’s daily lives. It is expected that smart cities will be more efficient, more sustainable and safer, with significant impacts on the people who inhabit them and also on the people who visit them. 5G technology is not being implemented in the world in a com prehensive and similar way, there are countries that already have a large coverage of this network and others that are still barely talking about this fifth-generation technology of mobile communications. Given that there is still a great unknown and uncertainty in relation to 5G, the question that this research work intends to address is to what extent this technology can initiate an intelligent era, which, in turn, provides a better quality of life for people, which each they are in greater numbers, living in cities. Thus, this work intends to cross these growing trends, with the new paradigm that is the implementation of 5G. For this, the Scopus database was used, where a search was carried out in the most recent scientific literature on these topics, since they are very current trends. The results are dis cussed in the light of the literature and future work is identified with a view to contributing to the enrichment of those who are dedicated to these recent themes but which are in great exponential growth.

publication date

  • 2023