An Integer Programming Approach for Sensor Location in a Forest Fire Monitoring System Chapter Conference Paper uri icon


  • Forests worldwide have been devastated by fires. Forest fires cause incalculable damage to fauna and flora. In addition, a forest fire can lead to the death of people and financial damage in general, among other problems. To avoid wildfire catastrophes is fundamental to detect fire ignitions in the early stages, which can be achieved by monitoring ignitions through sensors. This work presents an integer programming approach to decide where to locate such sensors to maximize the coverage provided by them, taking into account different types of sensors, fire hazards, and technological and budget constraints. We tested the proposed approach in a real-world forest with around 7500 locations to be covered and about 1500 potential locations for sensors, showing that it allows obtaining optimal solutions in less than 20 minutes.
  • This work has been supported by FCT Fundaçãao para a Ciência e Tecnologia within the R&D Units Project Scope UIDB/00319/2020 and within project PCIF/GRF/0141/2019 “O3F - An Optimization Framework to reduce Forest Fire” and also the project UIDB/05757/2020 and Forest Alert Monitoring System (SAFe) Project through PROMOVE - Fundação La Caixa. Beatriz Flamia Azevedo is supported by FCT Grant Reference SFRH/BD/07427/2021, Thadeu Brito was supported by FCT PhD grant SFRH/BD/08598/2020.

publication date

  • 2023