Bibliometric Analysis of TOP 100 Most Cited Articles on Tourism Development of the Last 10 years Book Chapter Conference Paper uri icon


  • Tourism is considered a strong betting sector, not only for its ability to bring life to spaces that were once almost abandoned, but also to rethink and remake old traditions, making it an enriching tourist experience, preserving and valuing historical, cultural, and environmental resources, generating wealth and employment. Tourism development has been affected by the evolution of society and the various tourism markets. For this reason, a Bibliometric Analysis of tourism development and its components becomes essential. A thorough search of the Scopus database was conducted using “tourism development” as the search keyword. They were only considered open access articles of the last 10 years (2012–2021), accounting for a total of 1698 documents. In the progression of Bibliometric Analysis, will be used a software tool for creating maps based on network data, concretely the VOSviewer program. For this, the 100 most cited articles were stratified in descending order, and then, analyzed their relationships, as well as the most commonly used keywords. Many articles on tourism development have been published in recent 10 years. Hence, the Scopus database used has 1689 articles, 4253 authors, and 3524 organizations involved. The five countries with the most citations correspond to United Kingdom (214 documents and 3835 citations), Australia (100 documents and 2139 citations), United States (118 documents and 2018 citations), China (243 documents and 1768 citations), and Spain (203 documents and 1573 citations). The present analysis of highly cited studies can help in future studies, supporting the understanding of the trends in tourism development studies.

publication date

  • 2022