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  • For practical purposes, the 700 m contour line is frequently used to differentiate lowlands from mountains in Continental Portugal (Figure CS6). Above 700 m, the climatophilous natural potential forests of Quercus robur, Q. pyrenaica and/or Betula celtiberica are essentially devoid of termophilous plants, and the traditional vineyards/ olive tree/wheat Mediterranean agriculture systems are replaced by chestnut/ meadows/potato/rye mountain agriculture systems. Defined in this way, mountains occupy 11% of the Portugal continental land surface concentrated in the northern half of the country. With a few exceptions, Portuguese mountains are granitic or schist peneplain stretches dissected by river erosion, pushed up in the Pleistocene, with a temperate climate in the north-west, and a Mediterranean climate towards the south and east.

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  • 2014