Evaluation of LP-WAN technologies for fire forest detection systems Conference Paper uri icon


  • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LP-WAN) are receiving a lot of attention because of their ability to communicate using radio frequency in long distances, with low-power consumption and low-cost devices. In this paper, we provide a comparison between the two LP-WAN platforms that are leading the market, the Sigfox and the LoRaWAN, based on the literature. Both platforms are analyzed considering the context of the forest fire detection and verification systems. Many aspects are being considered to identify which LP-WAN is more adequate to be used in this kind of systems, such as battery lifetime, coverage range, business model and costs. The comparison shows that both platforms are very similar in most of the aspects, although LoRaWAN is more flexible than Sigfox on the deployment and management of the network infrastructure. LoRaWAN allows customers to implement and manage their own infrastructure network, which is essential in systems which monitor vast forest areas.

publication date

  • January 1, 2019