Data Analysis for Trajectory Generation for a Robot Manipulator Using Data from a 2D Industrial Laser uri icon


  • Nowadays, the automation of factory floors is necessary for extensive manufacturing processes to meet the ever-increasing competitiveness of current markets. The technological advances applied to the digital platforms have led many businesses to automate their manufacturing processes, introducing robotic manipulators collaborating with human operators to achieve new productivity, manufacturing quality, and safety levels. However, regardless of the amount of optimization implemented, some quality problems may be introduced in production lines with many products being designed and produced. This project proposes a solution for feature extraction that can be applied to automatic shape- and position-detection using a 2-dimension (2D) industrial laser to extract 3-dimension (3D) data where the movement of the item adds the third dimension through the laser’s beam. The main goal is data acquisition and analysis. This analysis will later lead to the generation of trajectories for a robotic manipulator. The results of this application proved reliable given their small measurement error values of a maximum of 2 mm.

publication date

  • January 2022