COMBAR COST EU. A mobile application proposal Conference Paper uri icon


  • Diagnosis and treatment options/strategies for helminth parasitic diseases are not standardized globally, or even across Europe, due to factors such as epidemiology, resources availability, socio-economics, and the lack of adequate information. Good communication of options can help to overcome some of these problems. In this sense, it is proposed to develop a mobile application (Abozeid et al., 2021) that allows the tailoring, and sharing, of knowledge (Abu-El-Noor et al., 2021; Kunkel et al., 2021) related to the various diagnoses and treatments in a format appropriate for all stakeholders (e.g. farmers, veterinarians, universities, researchers, laboratories, industries). The proposal aims to present the theoretical functionalities for the creation of a mobile application (Muashekele et al., 2021), the application should have a sequence of options that must be grounded in theoretical requirements. First of all, there is a necessity to have inputs standardized by the application (e.g. country/region, applicable legislation, animal typology, disease characteristics, symptoms) that should be entered into the application. The aim is to provide a range of tailored options to the end-user. Second, given the user's choices, the application can offer information and guidelines (including veterinarians available, laboratories, diagnosis, treatments, stores, among others). It is highlighted that the main gain may be the collection of information, whenever the user allows it. Finally, considering that most farmers use the language of their country, it is crucial to have the application in different European languages.

publication date

  • January 1, 2022