Caracterización sensorial de salchichas frescas de ovino y caprino Conference Paper uri icon


  • The main objective of this work was the sensory characterization of fresh sausages from 140 culled Serrana goats and 140 culled Churra Galega Bragançana ewes, to improve the added value of this animals. Species and type of preparation effects were studied. Odour intensity, presence of strange odour, flavour intensity, presence of strange flavour, toughness, juiciness, stringiness, spicy intensity, sweet intensity and overall acceptability were evaluated by a taste panel. Taste, spicy taste, texture and overall appreciation were evaluated by a consumers’ panel. Taste panel data were analysed by a Gerenalised Procrustes Analysis and a characterization of the product. Consumers’ panel data were analysed by Preference Maps. The first 2 factors explained 86,7% of total variation. Different sausages samples were perfectly differentiated by assessors. Goats sausages have been considered more tough and fibrous and the sheep’s most succulent. The panelists felt that sheep sausages without paprika had greater intensity of flavour, taste spicy, and strange smell, while sheep sausages with paprika were the most well accepted by the tasters. As to consumers, there is no preference for any type of sausage, meaning that all types of sausages have market opportunity.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013