Solid-liquid equilibria of some natural phenolic compounds: experimental and modelling Conference Paper uri icon


  • Phenolic compounds are typically found in plants, usually as esters or glycosides [1]. Apart from being starting materials for many chemical synthesis, there is also huge evidence that some phenolic compounds have beneficial effects on human health. In this work, the aqueous solubilities of some phenolic compounds such as the hydroxybenzoic acids gallic, salicylic, protocatechuic and syringic acids, and the phenilpropenoic acids caffeic, cinnamic, ferulic and coumaric acids are addressed. Measurements were performed, as a function of temperature, between 288 K and 323 K, at atmospheric pressure, using constant-temperature jacketed equilibrium glass cells. Approaches for modelling the measured data were evaluated, including the modified UNIQUAC model [2] and the CPA equation of state [3].

publication date

  • January 1, 2008