How the 5G Network Will Boost the Concept of Smart Tourism in Portugal: A Literature Review Book Chapter Conference Paper uri icon


  • When the discussion on sixth-generation (6G) mobile communication networks begins in Portugal, the implementation of 5G on the ground is taking its first steps. Portugal is one of the European Union (EU) countries that is most behind in the implementation of this technology, although the European Commission considers its implementation essential for the strategy of digitizing Europe. The question that this research work intends to address is to what extent this technology can start a smart era, which in turn, provides a better experience for tourists visiting Portugal. It is known that the tourism sector in Portugal is fundamental as an economic activity, as well as for generating more wealth and creating more jobs. Thus, this work aims to cross these growing trends in our country and in the world, with the new paradigm that the implementation of 5G in Portugal is. For this, using the Scopus database, a search was carried out in the most recent scientific literature on these topics, since they are very current trends. The results are discussed in the light of the literature and future work is identified with a view to enhancing tourism, smart tourism, and smart destinations, a set of measures that can boost these concepts will also be presented.

publication date

  • 2023