eSmartWatering - A more sustainable solution for irrigation Conference Paper uri icon


  • The management of natural resources, through the conscious control and use of energy sources, is essential and necessary, so implementing mechanisms that enable better management is today an increasingly frequent effort. Due to its unsustainable consumption, water use has long one become of the main problems of modern times. Much of the current efforts use the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), present in vast modern sectors, transforming high water consumption into a greener and more sustainable consumption. In areas often affected by severe droughts, the management of this consumption is critical, because water it's an important resource for humanity, since it affects countless sectors that depend on it, such as the development of various agricultural crops. The use of manual processes to irrigate these crops remains frequent, leading to much higher water consumption than necessary for optimal crop growth. Focused mainly on reducing water consumption, and ensuring minimum conditions for crop growth, the solution presented in this article, through technologies such as NB-IoT, a small set of sensors and based on the analysis of the humidity variation of the soil throughout the day, time and possibility of precipitation, allows to set efficient and sustainable rule times. Additionally, given the characteristics of the NB-IoT network, the solution allows not only remote consultation of the humidity levels of the soil, as the scheduling of manual watering cycles.

publication date

  • January 1, 2021