The effect of residual stresses in the lateral-torsional buckling of steel I-beams at elevated temperatures Conference Paper uri icon


  • When a beam is bent about its major axis it may twist and move laterally, before it reaches in bending. Although the problem, of lateral-torsional buckling of steel beams at room temperature has a well established solution, the same problem at elevated temperature has not. A numerical investigation of the laleral-torsional of buckling of steel I-beams subjected to a temperature variation from room temperature up to 700 °C, with the aim of assessing the effects of the residual stresses in this mechanism of failure, is presented in this page. To this purpose, a geometrically and materially non-linear finite element program, has been used to determine the lateral-torsional resistance of steel I-beams at elevated temperatures, using the material properties of Eurocode 3, part 1-2. The numerical results have been compared to the results of the simple model presented in Eurocode 3, Part 1-2 (1995) and a new proposal that is being considered for approval.

publication date

  • January 1, 2002