Climatic Change. Human Influence? Conference Paper uri icon


  • We begin by presenting the functioning of the Climate System and the variety of climates that occurs on the surface of the globe. We analyze climate change based on the sun's orbital parameters and other causes, focusing on the current interglacial period and the influence it had on the development of human societies. The following text looks on developing of the climate of the last 1000 years, with considerations about the warm medieval climate, the little ice age, the recovery of temperatures since the nineteenth century, the global cooling of the 60s and 70s of last century and global warming observed since the late 80s of last century. Human influence is analyzed as part of the climate subsystem Biosphere and the concerns that have been linked by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change. We comment the various scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions and their relation to global warming. In this context, we discuss the reasons for the discrepancy that has been observed between the predictions of global temperature increase of models and reality.

publication date

  • January 1, 2016