Aplicação de bluetooth low energy no controlo e monitorização de dispositivos de muito baixo consumo Conference Paper uri icon


  • This work was performed in an industrial context, a collaboration between the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and Techwelf Ltd, a company developing control solutions for energy management. The collaboration aimed to solve a concrete problem of one of the devices that is under development at this company, aiming to strengthen the competitive advantages of the product. The challenge was to analyze the feasibility of using Bluetooth Low Energy as wireless communication solution enabling secure monitoring and control of the device from a smartphone. But ensuring maximum energy autonomy of the device, considered as critical factor, given that communication is the main cause of energy consumption. The work carried out resulted in a technical, fully functional solution, which uses the chip nRF51822 from Nordic and an Apple iPhone. The entire system has been optimized, including the Bluetooth Low Energy GATT services, in order to maximize the autonomy of the device while ensuring the reliability and security of communication. Many of the details of the work performed and the product concerned were purposely omitted as a result of the secrecy and confidentiality agreement signed by the proposer of the dissertation.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014