A framework to optimize compilation task Conference Paper uri icon


  • Nowadays, compiler construction is supported by several tools, many of them are based on frameworks, composed by several components that can be combined or instantiated to build new components or even entire compilers. This paper is a software engineering exercise applied to the compiler construction tools. It is used a concrete framework for compilers development - the Dolphin, that supplies several components that work over a single code representation model, to show that the simple composition of such components is not enough. It raises serious obstacles that make the compilers construction more arduous. The exercise evolves for a reformulation of the framework, resulting on an independent architecture that could be adapted to similar frameworks. Defining the behaviour and the relationship of several elements of the framework, this architecture allows to surpass most of the obstacles, but also releases the compilers developer from some duties, making the construction of compilers more accessible. It also promotes the development of compilers that are more stable and efficient that is, they can run faster using fewer resources.

publication date

  • January 1, 2007