A SOA based architecture to promote ubiquity and interoperability among health information systems Conference Paper uri icon


  • In critical situations, such as decision making in healthcare, is necessary to have access to all of the patient’s information, the information must be reliable, and must be accessed in an easy and fast way. These requirements make medical information systems of extreme importance. However in today’s molds and with the advent of the Internet and mobile devices, a paradigm shift, from the current isolated systems to interoperable distributed systems, that take advantage of ubiquitous computing, is needed. The present work proposes an architecture that aims to answer the needs of interoperability between heterogeneous systems and the need of ubiquity of medical information systems. A prototype was developed that tries to provide interoperability through a service-oriented architecture using web services. A mobile component was also developed to enable ubiquitous access to medical information. This work was based on the author’s knowledge about the Portuguese National Health Service.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011