Mathematics learning and assessment using MathE platform: A case study uri icon


  • The authors are grateful to FCT for financial support through national funds UIDB/05757/2020.
  • Universities are encouraging the implementation of innovative methodologies and teaching strategies to develop an interactive and appealing educational environment where students are the focus of the learning process. In such a personalised learning environment, an increase of the students’ engagement and the improvement of the outcomes arise. MathE has been developed to help achieve this goal. Based on collaborative procedures, internet resources – both pre-existing and freely available as well as resources specifically conceived by the project team – and communities of practices, MathE intends to be a tool to nurture and stimulate the learning of Mathematics in higher education. This study introduces and describes the MathE platform, which is divided into three sections: Student’s Assessment, Library and Community of Practice. An in-depth description of the Student’s Assessment section is presented and an analysis of the results obtained from students, when using this feature of the platform, is also provided. After this, and based on the answers to an online survey, the impact of the MathE platform among students and teachers of eight countries is shown. Although the number of collected results is still scarce, it allows the recognition of a trend regarding the use of the material of the Student’s Assessment section for autonomous study. The results indicate the platform is well organized, with a satisfactory amount and diversity of questions and good interconnection between the various parts. Nevertheless, both teachers and students indicate that more questions should be introduced. The overall opinion about the MathE platform is very favourable

publication date

  • January 2021