DOLPHIN - a system for compilers development, teach and use Conference Paper uri icon


  • DOLPHIN is a framework conceived to help the development of compilers. It is based on model of code representation, designated by DOLPHIN Internal code Representation (DIR), which is enough abstract, flexible and powerful to be used on almost all compilation tasks. The framework contains several components, implemented over the DIR, that can be combined to build multiple language retargetable compilers. It supplies front-ends for several programming languages, back-ends for several computer architectures and a large number of code analysis and optimizations routines. Except for some specific points, the DOLPHIN framework is not by itself an innovator project, but the away how we intend to use and the applications that we intend to give to this framework, are by themselves quite different and innovative comparing with all the other projects that we know on this area. This paper proposes a full architecture, based on the DOLPHIN framework that integrates a large set of services related with compilers users, developers and teachers.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003