An ICT Integrated Model for Traceability, Promotion and Valorization of Regional Food Products Conference Paper uri icon


  • Many country's regions are rich in food-heritage. Within this, food products are often ex-libris of the regions and sustain ancestral traditions that make these regions known in the world. This reality materializes products of protected geographical origin and/or protected designation of origin. In the context of a society increasingly interested in the traditional, in respect for the environment, animal rights and the guarantee of authenticity, this paper proposes a conceptual model based on technology capable of guaranteeing the traceability of these products, as well as leveraging their valorization and, at the same time, it guarantees, to the different players of the supply chain, useful feedback on the perception of the consumer and his interests. This proposal will enhance the products by increasing information and services available to the consumer and will allow the process of creation, development and production of food products to be done “in partnership with consumers”. Even though our focus is on typical regional food products, our proposed model is suitable for any food supply chain.

publication date

  • January 1, 2022