Perception, knowledge and buying habits of gourmet products by urban consumers from Bragança city, Portugal Conference Paper uri icon


  • Gourmet products are high quality products with origin and specific characteristics, produced in small quantities with quality raw materials, using different production processes. This study aims to analyze the perception, knowledge and buying habits of gourmet products with distributor brand in Bragança city, Portugal. To this end, a quantitative, cross-sectional, observational and descriptive study was developed. This research was based on a random sample of 1,101 individuals. These individuals were surveyed through a self-report questionnaire. Data collection took place during June 2014 in the distribution sector stores located in Bragança city. The data were edited and processed with SPSS 22.0 (Statistical Package for Social Sciences). Statistical treatment involved the calculation of descriptive statistics, namely, absolute and relative frequencies. According to surveyed consumers, gourmet products are quality products made with good ingredients and, therefore, are expensive and exquisite products. Most respondents (60.0%) bought a gourmet product in the year prior the survey in a hypermarket (93.1%). However, consumers of gourmet products bought this type of products less than once per month (28.7%). Most consumers (86.8 %) bought gourmet products with distributor brand. The Gourmet Continente brand (84.8%) proved to be the best-known brand. However, only 60.9% bought products with that brand. The results suggest that gourmet culture is present in the daily lives of Bragança city consumers. However, these consumers aren’t willing to pay so much more for a high quality product. In fact, these urban consumers are buying gourmet products with distributor brand in order to purchase high quality products at the lowest price possible. This trend can be seen as an opportunity to rural producers because they know how to produce high quality products but they don’t know how to sell. So, this marketing strategy could ensure sales at a premium price. This way, added value is generated and retained in rural areas.

publication date

  • January 1, 2015