Thermal stimulation of dentinal tubules Conference Paper uri icon


  • Dentine is a permeable mineralised tissue, made with a special geometry. The geometry presents micro tubules with variable dimensions and densities. According to Coutinho et al [l], dentine can be subdivided into fou different classes, on the number and shape ofthe tubules. This work considers the region near the cusps (class II). Dentine can be directly exposed to high or low temperature, when the tooth is under restoration or due to gingival retraction. This temperature variation can induce pain into the patient. When this thermal stimulation is applied to the enamel, the threshold value for pain due to high temperature is 45°C and the threshold value due to low temperature is 27°C [2]. This investigation aims to validate the numerical model using experimental data obtained from tests developed by Matthews [2] in the teeth of dogs. According to this investigation, the temperature and the electrical activity of two electrodes, located in with the pulp region, were measured [2], allowing for a correlation between the thermal stimulus and pain.

publication date

  • January 1, 2018