Investigation of residual stresses on the fire resistance of unrestrained cellular beams Academic Article Conference Paper uri icon


  • It is being a common engineering practice to use steel beams with web openings in buildings requiring long spans, besides giving an important additional advantage of allowing services through instead of underneath the beams. The presence of these openings is penalizing the carrying capacity at ambient temperature and in the case of fire due to large cells and double nonlinearity geometric and material a complex behaviour take place. In this study, numerical models for beams having closely spaced large openings are simulated with ISO834 fire loading including both nonlinearities cited above in the primal investigation. Followed as a second investigation, is the effect of residual imperfections added to the numerical model mentioned above and simulated for different diagrams as presented within updated literature. All simulations were done using the finite element software ANSYS, to analyse the results captured for lateral torsional buckling (LTB) behaviour in terms of vertical and lateral displacement, von Mises stresses for different sections at ambient and fire conditions. For this parametric study, the change in cross-section geometries, opening spacing, beam length on the LTB of cellular beams is analysed.

publication date

  • September 1, 2021