Analytical study on lateral torsional buckling of partially encased beams under ISO834 fire exposure uri icon


  • European standard EN1994-1-2:2005 provides tabulated values and simplified calculation models for assessing fire resistance of composite beams, but does not consider the design checks against lateral torsional buckling under fire. This research presents an analytical method to calculate the buckling resistance moment of laterally unrestrained partially encased beams in fire conditions. The proposal applies a reduction factor for lateral torsional buckling in fire design condition to the moment resistance of the homogenised section at time t, determined by EN1994-1-2:2005. Two finite element models capable to simulate the thermal and mechanical behaviour of partially encased beams are also presented, including the validation against fire tests conducted by Piloto et al. Based on these models, a numerical analysis of partially encased beams with the same geometry and material properties as used in experimental tests is presented, evaluating different load levels when exposed to standard fire ISO834:1999. The numerical results of fire resistance according to standard EN1363- 1:2012 and the numerical ultimate time, when beams suffer instability, are used to validate the proposal, using experimental and analytical heating result according to EN1994-1-2:2005.

publication date

  • January 2016