Simulation of user habits in a context of intelligent environments Conference Paper uri icon


  • In most of the research projects carried out, data are usually needed to simulate the behavior and efficiency of the proposed solutions, since it is necessary to use them to validate and test the research carried out at the most diverse levels. The development of this project also arises from the need to gather information on the comfort preferences (temperature, humidity, musical playlist, musical genre, etc.) of multiple users. And besides that, also have the information of how each user adapts their preferences to the place where it is. This information, in addition to being necessary on a large scale (hundreds of users), would also be necessary in a very broad timeframe, always longer than one year. As it is known that comfort preferences normally vary according to a seasonal character, namely at the level of the seasons. Getting data with this dimension and involving so many users is a difficult task and, in addition to the users collaboration, would require a high cost, regarding the equipment needed to collect this information. Thus an algorithm was created, which simulates not only the variation of preferences of the different users, but also their daily life, taking into account the different places that it frequents (home, work, places of leisure). In addition, the relationship between users is also established, introducing the concept of family as well as co-workers.With this work, and the algorithm developed, were achieved in full the objectives proposed for this project.

publication date

  • January 1, 2017