Reducing Go-Around Attempts Based on History of Successful Landings for Aviation in General Conference Paper uri icon


  • Nowadays, flying is a fundamental part of society. Traveling is increasingly accessible, which supports not only the aeronautical industry but also the tourism sector in some regions around the world. However, despite its importance in society in general, where there are more and more airplanes in the air, the aviation industry has also become one of the primary sources of pollution, and when considering entertainment aviation, the problem becomes even more complicated. In recent years, all aeronautical manufacturers have been working on solutions that reduce the sector’s impact on climate change. Landings are of particular importance in the fuel consumption aspect, especially if it is taken into account that for various reasons a pilot may decide to abort the maneuver, meaning a few more kilos of fuel that will be consumed consequently making more pollution. The present work suggests an architecture based on the history of successful landings providing the pilot suggestions to reduce the probability of a go-around.
  • The authors are grateful to the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT, Portugal) for financial support through national funds FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC) to CeDRI (UIDB/05757/2020 and UIDP/05757/2020) and SusTEC (LA/P/0007/2021).

publication date

  • January 2023