Behaviour face to packaging waste and drugs out of use Conference Paper uri icon


  • According to Directive No. 2004/12/EC of 11 February, up to the present calendar year (2011 ), Portugal should meet established with respect to the recycling of packaging waste and discarded drug targets . For this, it is essential that the population has acquired over the past few years, the necessary information. So, for that it is important the active participation of everyone in this delivery, in places due to the effect . The objectives of this research consisted in knowing what they know and do students of Health School of Sciences , in Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. The medicines and no longer use and its packaging , thus evaluating the delivery behavior of this type of waste in pharmacies . To achieve these goal, we selected the school referred to earlier as a case of study , using as an analytical tool , a questionnaire to be applied manually . The questionnaire was administered to a sample of 356 students from the Health School of Bragança . The results showed that most respondents only disposes drugs left over when finish their expiration date , and archive them first at home and then giving them as a destination in the first place , the dust and then the pharmacy . It is mainly women who goes to the pharmacy delivery medicines out of use, having as main reasons the binomial environment / health. It was also noticeable that people who do not deliver the medicines in pharmacies still overlap those that deliver them in pharmacies. These results, which allow a better understanding of the behavior of the students of the Health School of Bragança face to medicines , provide an important communication strategies and actions to improve the rates of recovery and recycling waste contribution .

publication date

  • January 1, 2014