Validation models on the fire resistance of composite slab with steel deck Conference Paper uri icon


  • Concrete slabs with profiled steel deck are slabs that use steel deck as a permanent form work,and reinforced concrete placed on the top.Thefire rating of this type of elementis determined by standard fire tests, accounting for load bearing(R), integrity(E) and insulation(I). In this work, different composites labs are numerically teste du sing the standard fire curve ISO834 to evaluate the insulation criterion(I) and the load bearing criterion(R). Three-dimensional numerical simulations are performed using the Finite Element Method to investigate the thermal effects of standard fire explosure.
  • The composite slab with steel decking is widely used in every type of buildings which require fire resistance, in accordance to regulations and standards. The fire rating of this type of elements is determined by standard fire tests, accounting for Load (R), Integrity (E) and Insulation (I). A literature review from different investigations regarding the fire behaviour of composite slabs with steel deck is presented. A specific number of experimental tests were selected for the validation with three-dimensional finite element models. The fire resistance of composite slabs with steel deck may also be compared with simple calculation methods available in standards, such as EN 1994-1-2. The perfect contact model used for numerical simulation present some discrepancies from the experimental results, which can be eliminated by the use of an air gap between the steel deck and the concrete part of the slab. Other parameters are also investigated regarding the thermal and the mechanical loading systems, towards the best fit approximation for temperature and displacement.

publication date

  • July 2019