MechDesk - an ontology solution to troubleshot vehicles problems Conference Paper uri icon


  • Semantic Web is extension of the existing World Wide Web, providing tools and technologies to support the transparent exchange of information and knowledge among organizations. Nowadays, multiple areas can be approached by ontologies, part of the W3C standards stack, and the semantic web world, as the subject of this project, mechanics. Mechanics have been accentuated in a visible way, where the reality of living without means of transportation is not feasible in people’s lives. The development of new methods to increase the knowledge of drivers and everyday people about automated vehicles is essential. Regarding cars, revisions, maintenance, inspections, among others, are necessary and ”mandatory” subjects and due to this, it is possible to prevent future damage by prolonging the life of the car. In certain cases, this doesn’t happen, either due to wear of parts or unforeseen events, and despite being a busy market, drivers are not always informed about the best cares to take or the problems that may arise. As such, the theme of this project is to make a relationship between mechanical details, issues, and solutions. For that purpose, the defined ontology was exposed via a mobile application, with it providing to the user, several details that he can or not relate, and trough them, provide a connection with a certain problem and solution. The semantic web ontology was developed in Protégé, exposed into Apache Jena Fuseki server, and was running in an Azure Virtual Machine, allowing it to be available into the OutSystems application.

publication date

  • January 1, 2022