Feasibility analysis of a Portuguese startup in the Brazilian market Conference Paper uri icon


  • This paper relates to the field of business administration and technology, as it seeks to analyze aspects of the market potential of an online shopping application in the gift segment and the formulation of a marketing plan. It is critical to recognize the market potential in order to understand a company's external environment and identify how the business can be inserted in the market to expand and consolidate. We are currently inserted in a globalized, international and connected context, resulting in the emerging of new market needs, which leads to new opportunities. A technology startup based in Portugal identified an opportunity by noting that giving someone a present can be enhanced by a pleasant, innovative and user-friendly experience, making it more dynamic, innovative and creative. Along these lines, the market potential will be analyzed thought two methods of investigation. The first being of exploratory nature through direct and unstructured online interviews, with the purpose of formulating hypotheses. The second method is of descriptive nature through field survey using an on-line questionnaire, in order to identify market segmentation. The sampling technique used in both cases will be non-probabilistic for convenience and also for quotas. The investigation will be conducted in the city of Curitiba, capital of Paraná, Brazil, as it reflects a consumption pattern aligned with the project proposal. Secondary data will also be used given its contribution as a complementary and comparative source that adds to the delimitation of the problem.

publication date

  • January 1, 2019