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  • The emergence of concepts such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing has been adding improvements in different sectors of human life activity. The agricultural sector is no exception, and it begins to appear the first systems that use these new concepts, as is the case of, use of drones and associated technology applied to fighting pests or the use of sensor networks to monitor productions. However, the technological gap between urban and rural areas is becoming ever wider, and the arrival of these new concepts in rural areas is taking place very slowly. In order to accelerate this technological transformation, it’s necessary to find tools that reduce these differences, leveraging these rural regions in terms of technology and, at the same time, providing access to new markets. In this article is proposed, a solution to the problem of the lack of production flow, allowing producers in low-density regions to access markets that until now would be impossible to reach, while providing an solution to the problem of shortage of labour and the increase in abandoned land in Portugal.

publication date

  • January 1, 2020