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  • In the context of the link between the IPB - Mountain Arts Laboratory - Graça Morais (LAM-GM) and the Graça Morais Center for Contemporary Art (CACGM), it has been developed a co-creation process that simultaneously promotes a creative, critical and innovative formation of the students involved, develops a shared process between the institutions and seeks to solve common challenges, such as an effective connection between IPB and CACGM, fostering new interactions with the community. The co-creation process is quite engaging and demanding, as comprehends four courses of four different degrees, involving an undergraduate degree and three bachelor degrees, in a total of 185 students. Within the scope of the curricular units, technical and artistic skills are developed, creating new artistic outcomes, developed mainly from and with drawings and paintings of Graça Morais, the painter herself, the building that encompasses her exhibitions and the works of other artists that have being exhibiting their work at CACGM. This partner institution is a committed team member, in its renown sphere of competences, providing specific knowledge, experience and expertise, fostering four different artistic approaches: Documentary - In a project-based learning environment and interconnected with the Graça Morais Center for Contemporary Art, a group of students enrolled in the Documentary course of the 3rd year of the degree in Communication and Journalism, divided by small teams, is producing short films. documentaries, about the life, work or themes of Graça Morais. The expected average duration of each short is 10 minutes. Drawing - Students from the degree of Art & Design and the undergraduate degree of Illustration and Graphic Art are developing an individual artist book created from the connection and inspiration students developed with Graça Morais, her work, and Graça Morais Center for Contemporary Art. Music - A co-creation experiment is being carried out in which the artistic objects contained in the exhibition serve as a basic source for developing an artistic-pedagogical process. The goal is to give sound life to pre-established sense units through the application and experimentation and techniques of musical production analysis. Photography - Based on the work of painter Graça Morais, the artist herself and texts that address her, the students are developing their own photographic interpretations. In the In2CoP Conference we wish to share the process this co-creation developed, to show the artistic outcomes, to connect effectively our student’s formation and outcomes with the community and to contribute to a reflection on creative processes of co-creation.

publication date

  • January 1, 2020